President       : Most Rev. Dr. Joseph Mar Thomas

Ex-officio Members

                         : Rt. Rev. Msgr. Mathew Arambankudy Corepiscopo

               : Rt. Rev. Msgr. Dr. Thomas Kanjiramukalil

               : Very Rev. Fr. Philip Mathew Vettikatt

                : Very Rev. Fr. Samuel Puthuppady

Elected Members

      : Rev. Fr. Mathew Perumpallikunnel

      : Rev. Fr. Varghese Pulicka

      : Rev. Fr. Sebastian Keepallil

      : Rev. Fr. LukosePallipadinjattethil

      : Rev. Fr. Sebastian Edayathu

      : Rev. Fr. George Pokkathayil

      : Rev. Fr. George Kodannur

Nominated Members

      : Rt. Rev. Jacob Chundakkatt Corepiscopo

      : Very Rev. Fr. Mathew Mundakodiyil

      : Very Rev. Fr. Thomas Mannithottam

      : Rev. Fr. Varghese  Kollamavudy

         : Rev. Fr. Johnson Manayil


It is composed of Priests of the Eparchy taking into consideration of their age and ministry.

Frequency of Consultation

The council is convened as often as required not less than two times a year


The Priests have been very co-operative and are taking a very active role in the planning and execution of its activities